Catholic Funeral Services Singapore

Catholic Funeral Services

A Roman Catholic Funeral generally serves 2 purposes; to ensure funeral rites are performed for the deceased soul and to comfort the family and have them pray for the deceased along with relatives and the rest of the Church.

Overview of the Catholic Funeral Rites

The Catholic Funeral rites or journey of farewell consist of 3 main parts, namely:

  • Vigil
  • Funeral Liturgy
  • Rite of Committal


This Service, usually held during the wake and especially during the last evening of the wake is the time for family, relatives and friends to get together, remember the deceased, recollect special times and pray for his soul. It is often during the Vigil Service that songs not appropriate for Mass as well as the deceased favourite songs are played. Eulogies are also encouraged during this stage of the funeral rite as having a string of them during the Funeral liturgy will distract and compromise the integrity of the Funeral liturgy.

Funeral Liturgy

Often celebrated during the Funeral Mass (or Requiem Mass), the liturgy can be celebrated on its own at times when Mass is not to be offered e.g. Good Friday, Holy Week etc This is the central (and most important) rite for the deceased person and its purpose is threefold:

  1. To give thanks and praise to God for Christ’s conquering of death and his promise of external life;
  2. For commending the deceased soul to God’s loving mercy and care; and
  3. To gain solace and strength from proclaiming the passion, death, resurrection and second coming of Christ.

It’s purpose and focus is thus worship, which is why eulogies are best said during the Vigil service instead.

The Committal

This usually takes place at the burial ground or crematorium where the body is committed to rest with the hope of rising again during resurrection. Presided by a priest or deacon, family and friends will gather as well, to offer their prays for the deceased, one last time. This final farewell rite gives a meaningful closure to the Catholic Funeral.

Why Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

As staunch as a Catholic is and as firm his believe that a loved one is headed for a better place (to be in God’s everlasting love and care in Heaven), grief over the parting of a family member is still normal. At such difficult times, it is important that the funeral proceeds smoothly to avoid further stressing the family. Having an undertaker, familiar with Catholic Funeral traditions, to help with funeral plans and arrangements is thus important. With more than 20 years experience running funeral services in Singapore, Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd. has the expertise to help ensure a dignified, meaningful and above all, smooth running funeral. More importantly, our staff are all trained to be both attentive and sensitive to the family’s needs; we understand your grief and we are here to help in any way we can.

Catholic Funeral Package You Can Afford

Our Roman Catholic Funeral package starts from $4,888 for a 3 day funeral held at an HDB void deck. They are affordably priced so that everyone can give their loved ones a dignified sendoff.


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