Christian Funeral Services Singapore

Christian Funeral Services

Christian Funeral Services format and order may differ slightly from denomination to denomination. Hence detailed funeral plans and arrangements should be made in consultation with the pastor and Church. Many Churches though are likely to accommodate into the funeral service, as much as possible, the family’s suggestions or that of the deceased (if he has left instructions on the conduct of his funeral). This is to make the funeral personal and meaningful for the family.

The mood in Christian Funerals are often one of joy, hope and comfort; they are uplifting, personal and meaningful all at once. This is because many Christian share the faith that the deceased is headed for a better place as salvation is promised to all who love and believe in Christ.

Some Christian Funeral Commonalities across most Denomination

  • Open Casket Viewing;
  • Commendation; and
  • Committal

Open Casket Viewing

It is common in Christian Funerals for the casket to remain uncovered during the wake for family, relatives and friends to pay their last respect.

Funeral Service and Commendation

The Christian Funeral Service (held in Church or at the funeral home) often ends with a final commendation where the deceased is commended to God’s loving mercy and care.


This usually takes place at the final resting ground or crematorium. This is usually a very solemn moment where the body is committed back to earth with the hope of rising again to everlasting life in God’s glory.

Why Use Us for Christian Funeral Services?

In a funeral, where even the smallest of decision is sometimes difficult to make, an experienced Funeral Director, familiar with Christian Funeral arrangements will be very helpful. With more than 20 years helping Christian families throughout Singapore with funeral services and arrangements, we have the know-how to handle all types of Christian Funerals. More importantly, our staff are all trained to be attentive, understanding always the grief a family will face with the passing of a loved one. At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., we take pride in ensuring that all funerals we manage are well co-ordinated and meaningful.

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