Condolences Wreaths, Funeral Flowers and Floral Arrangements

White Rose Funeral Flower

Condolence wreaths are commonly seen in all funeral services in Singapore. These funeral flowers, in the shape of a wreath, symbolises the eternity of life and has been a part of funeral traditions worldwide since the times of the Ancient Greeks.

Popular Types of Funeral Flowers Use in Singapore Today


Lilies, especially the white ones are commonly used in funerals here in Singapore. They are liked because their white colour connotes pureness of the soul. They are also an appropriate expression of sympathy.


Known for their hardiness, Carnations are often used in condolences wreaths as well. To many, they symbolise remembrance and admiration, both of which are very meaningful for funeral flower use.


A popular choice as well, the use of Chrysanthemums in funeral flower arrangements are common in both Europe and Asia. In China for example, white carnations are used for expression of grief and lament.


Roses are another good choice for funeral wreaths. In general, they offer a very good expression of one’s love as well as grief. The white rose, which symbolises purity and reverence is often used as are yellow roses to symbolise the strong friendship bond with the deceased.

Why Send Funeral Flowers?

Flowers have been used by many to convey all types of emotions including:

  • Love;
  • Friendship;
  • Grief; and
  • Condolences

Flowers in the form of a funeral wreath are thus a very appropriate way to let those we care about know they are in our thoughts.

Why Order Condolences Flowers from Us?

There are many florist in Singapore, all of which will be happy to supply you funeral flowers and wreaths. Their designs vary and you can easily pick those you like from their online store. However, rather than simply taking your pick from a photo, either online or on a brochure, why not have your condolences wreaths and flowers customised to suit the type of funeral settings you have in mind? With more than 20 years of experience in the Singapore funeral trade, we at Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd. understand funerals better than anyone else and can easily guide you on the flower arrangements and wreaths needed for any type and scale of funerals in Singapore.

With us, you know you are in good hands when it comes to condolences wreaths, funeral flowers and floral arrangements.

How to Enquire?

To enquire about our condolences wreath and funeral flower arrangement services, simply call us anytime at +65 6817 4288. Our Funeral Consultants are well trained to help you out. If needed, they are also able to offer you advise on our funeral services solutions and packages.

Alternatively, if calling is not convenient, do drop us a note using the email form on this page.