Our Funeral Packages

At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., our funeral packages are very competitively priced. We practise a transparent pricing system where the price quoted on our website is the price you pay. With us, you will not be surprised, shocked or saddled with hidden charges; a practice we frown upon but used by those unethical funeral services operators who “adopt a bait and switch” pricing approach.

The following are the standard packages we provide. Please click on the relevant package to check the details and price…

Catholic Funeral Package

Prices start from $4,588 for a 3 day package. Included in the price is a polished wood white half glass casket plus complete funeral set up. Click button below for details:



Buddhist Funeral Package

Our prices are from $5,588 up. There are options for 3 to 5 days funeral with a choice for simple or standard setups. Click the below button for more details:



Taoist Funeral Package

Our Taoist funeral package price starts from $7,588 for a 3 day funeral. Though different dialect groups will have different funeral services requirements based on their customs and traditions, from experience, we are able to provide a package suitable for the general needs of most Singapore Taoist families.



Christian Funeral Package

Our prices start from $4,588. Price variation is due to the number of days funeral is held. See pricing and breakdown details below:



Soka Funeral Package

Our package price is $4,588 nett. Click button below for breakdown of items included in package:



Non Religious Funeral Package

Our prices are from $4,588 up based on the number of days the funeral is held. Click button below for more details:



Same Day Cremation Package

For same day cremation case, our price is $1,488 nett inclusive of Mandai cremation fees. This will include collection of the body from either the home or hospital for dressing up at our office (no embalming), en-coffining and transportation of casket to Mandai Crematorium for a short memorial service (if requested) and cremation thereafter.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to staging funerals in Singapore, we are among the best. Having been in the funeral trade for 20 years, not many can claim to know funeral services in Singapore better than we do.

Our Funeral Consultants are well versed in Singapore Funeral customs and traditions and can competently provide advice when needed. More importantly, our staff are all trained to be attentive and understanding; we are after all here to help in any way we can.

How to Enquire or Engage Us?

To enquire about any of our funeral services solutions or funeral packages, simply call +65 6817 4288. We take calls 7 days a week and our Funeral Consultants are well trained to answer your queries and provide funeral arrangement advice. Alternative, you can use the contact form to reach us if you prefer.