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Funeral Services in Singapore can vary significantly, in both setup and form. Given the multi racial population in Singapore, this is to be expected as each race and religion will incorporate its culture, tradition and beliefs into the funeral arrangements and staging. For example, Catholics and Christians will believe in salvation through Christ conquering of death. This belief then influences the way the funerals are staged including the choice of scripture to read etc. Similarly, Taoist believe in many deities, afterlife in the netherworld and the burning of offerings for the dead. Again this practice is seen incorporated into their funeral rituals.

Types of Funeral Solutions We Provide

Being a one stop funeral services provider, we cater for all types of funerals, regardless of race or religion. The following are the types of funeral services solutions that we offer:

Other Related Funeral Services We Offer

We understand that people are not always in the best of mood to go around shopping during the duration of the funeral. Hence, to give our clients the added convenience, we have included the following services as well:

Planning a Funeral Service Need Not be Stressful

Think funeral and you will often think about the logistics that has to be managed along with it. The choice of casket, tentage, decor, backdrop, funeral flower arrangements and setting up of the wake area are some of the things that will weigh heavily on your mind if you are to plan the funeral yourself. That is why we have created a series of funeral packages, all affordably priced based on our transparent pricing policy. With these funeral packages, you are guaranteed a value for money deal as well as stress free direct funeral services solutions. Your job is simply to choose the package most suitable for your needs and we will do the rest. With us, arranging a funeral, be it with cremation or burial, is never complicated.

Why Choose Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

Simply because of our 20 years of experience helping Singaporean families with funeral arrangements. Given our long history as funeral directors, we are naturally more familiar with the various types of funeral services in Singapore, especially when compared to new undertakers. Hence, when it comes to offering advice on funeral related matters, we are in a better position to help. Formerly known as [pname] before our rebranding, we are a familiar name as well, to older generation Singaporeans.

At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd. our motto is to transact business in a honest and sincere way. We therefore do not believe in “bait and switch” pricing tactic, choosing instead to adopt a transparent pricing policy. With us, whatever you see on our website is what you will get when you choose any of our funeral packages. You will not have to worry about hidden charges when dealing with us. In addition, to save you money, we have even incorporated a “pay for what you consume” policy into our invoicing; you will thus never be asked to pay for things you do not need.

Many know us to be very patient and understanding when dealing with our customers. This culture did not develop by chance. We understand the emotional stress families will have to go through during a bereavement and as such, have made it a point to train our staff to be compassionate and attentive to our clients’ needs. This approach has resulted in us receiving lots of testimonials from happy customers.

How to Enquire?

To enquire about our funeral services solutions, simply call our funeral hotline: +65 6817 4288. We have Funeral Consultants on 24 hours standby, to take your call, understand your needs and offer advice and suggestions when needed. Alternatively, if you prefer writing, you can reach us using the email web form here.