Non Religious (Free Thinker) Funeral Services Singapore

Free Thinker Funeral Services

Non Religious Funerals are no different from religious ones. They serve the same purposes, namely:

  • Saying farewell in a sincere, personal, meaningful and dignified way;
  • Celebrate and recollect the live of the deceased person; and
  • Offer condolences plus share the grief and loss with the family

The death of a beloved family member is always painful. The need to show last respect, bid final farewell and honour the deceased with a dignified funeral remains the same, with or without religion. Giving the deceased family member an appropriate funeral service goes a long way towards healing the pain of loss for the rest of the family and likewise, omission to do so can result in guilt and regrets.

A Dignified Funeral Need Not Be Grand

While having a grand funeral is important to some, the amount of money spent does not always equate to how dignified the funeral is. A simple funeral, well arranged, can at times be more personal and meaningful than a grand one. What’s important is the thought put in to organise the funeral. The best funerals are always the ones which family members can truely say, “it’s the way the deceased would have wanted it.”

Planning a Non Religious Funeral

Without having to take into account the requirements imposed by religion or religious beliefs, there is usually more free play allowed when it comes to planning and co-ordinating a non religious funeral. Things like how the deceased would have wanted it, his lifestyle, personality and even family, cultural or ethnic traditions can all be easily taken into consideration when planning one. Hence such funerals, if co-ordinated well, can be very meaningful to both family and friends in attendance alike.

Role of a Funeral Director

Unfortunately, families can be easily overcome with grief during such times of loss. Planning a funeral well will be difficult as even the smallest of decisions are difficult to make during such times. As such, having a trusted one stop funeral services provider, experienced in handling non religious funerals is usually helpful. We can offer advise on arranging funerals when needed and see to it that even the most simple of details are taken care of; with us, the funeral arrangements will go smoothly as planned.

Why Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

With more than 20 years experience, few undertakers in Singapore can boast to know more about funerals than we do, We have handled many non religious funerals over the last two decades and you can take advantage of our wealth of experience to ensure the funeral arrangements go as planned. And because we understand that the slightest mistakes during funerals can cause huge unhappiness and stress, we make it a point to train all our staff well. Our staff are thus known to be very sensitive and attentive to the every needs of the family throughout the funeral.

How to Engage Us?

To enquire about our non religious funeral services and packages, simple call us at +65 6817 4288 anytime, Monday to Sunday. Our Funeral Consultants are always ready to attend to you, hear you out, understand your needs and offer advise and suggests. Alternatively, you can drop us an email using the web form on this page and we will get back to you promptly.