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Taoist Funeral Services

Traditionally, Taoist believe in focusing more on health and longevity than on afterlife. The goal especially in early Taoism was to achieve immortality, with the practice and cultivation of various task categorised as Neidan and Waidan. Coupled with that fact that Chinese traditionally avoid talking about death, there is very little written about Taoist Funerals, even on the internet. Hence, there is a trend of Taoist funerals becoming more simplified with each passing generation, with traditions of old, lost or often forgotten.

To add to the confusion, Taoism, for most part of Chinese history, co-existed with Buddhism and Confucianism. There is therefore some influence from Buddhism in the Taoist practice of some Singaporean families. Examples of these includes having both Monks and Taoist Priest performing rites for the deceased during a Taoist Funeral wake. The above sometimes result in Taoist families being at a loss on what to do, if death besets a family member.

The Role of a Funeral Director in a Taoist Funeral

Given the above, the role of a funeral director becomes even more important. Other than just providing the arrangements, a funeral director, experienced in Taoist Funeral practices and customs will be able to provide advise and guidance to the family to ensure their love ones are properly honoured with a meaningful and dignified funeral. Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience helping Singapore Taoist families with funeral services and arrangements. Our Funeral Consultants are familiar with both Taoist Rites and Chinese funeral customs and can be counted upon to provide the right advise whenever needed. Above all, our staff are well trained, understand the family’s grief and are always sensitive to the needs of all family members. That’s the reason why many Taoist families in Singapore trust us when it comes to funeral services.

Overview of Taoist Funeral Rites

In a traditional Taoist Funeral, an alter is set up with a sacred lamp, symbolising the Elixir of Immortality, 2 large candles, cups filled with tea, water and rice plus 5 plates of fruits to represent the 5 elements. An incense burner right in the middle completes the set up of the alter.

Because there are many different denominations within Taoism, rites and rituals for the deceased can differ. However some common rites performed during Taoist Funerals include those for:

  • Gaining merits for the deceased;
  • Protecting the deceased body from demons and monsters;
  • Separating the dead from the living; and
  • Blessings and protection for the family

These days, Taoist Funerals typically last 3, 5 or 7 days.

Our Taoist Funeral Package

With prices starting from $7,888 for a 3 day HDB void deck funeral, our Taoist Funeral packages are inexpensive. That's why many Singapore families trust us and our funeral services solutions.



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