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Experienced Funeral Director/ Casket Services in Singapore

The easiest way to stage a Funeral in Singapore is to hire an experienced, reliable and honest Funeral Director (a.k.a undertaker) to help with the arrangements and take care of the cumbersome logistics. And engaging a Funeral Director in Singapore is easy; there are many companies, including freelance ones, who will eagerly vie for your job. However, some may engage in bait and switch tactics, while others may quote a ridiculously low price to win over the business, only for you to realize that there are lots of hidden cost not specified in the initial quotation.

At Singapore Funeral Group, we understand that even the simplest of decisions at such times are difficult and will never resort to unethical practices to prey on our customers and win them over. With more than 20 years of experience as undertakers, we are trusted by many and this is reflective in the many glowing testimonials we receive regularly.

One Stop Funeral Services Package You Can Trust

Whether your family prefers a simple or elaborate funeral service set up, you can rely on us to help you plan and put together. Our funeral specialist are well trained in the funeral rites, customs and practices of the local community and will be able to easily guide you along the way should you need advice.

Indeed, whether yours is a Teochew, Cantonese, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic or Christian funeral, with us, you know you are in expert hands.

Our Services

Funeral Hearse

To serve you better, we offer a comprehensive range of funeral services solutions. From handling funerals for all races and religions to providing of wreaths, caskets and urns, we have it all. Below are some of the more popular services we provide:

Catholic Funeral Services Thumbnail

We are familiar with Catholic Funeral rites including the vigil, funeral liturgy and committal.

Chinese Funeral Services Thumbnail

Chinese funeral traditions vary significantly among the dialect groups. We can offer advice.

Christian Funeral Services Thumbnail

A good Christian funeral is often both meaningful and uplifting. We can help make this happen.

buddhistFuneral Services Thumbnail

With more than 20 years experience as undertakers, we have helped run many Buddhist Funerals.

Taoist Funeral Services Thumb

Taoist Funerals are often the most elaborate in Singapore. We know Taoist Funeral traditions well.

Soka Funeral Services Setup Thumbnail

Soka Funerals have a modern, simple yet meaningful feel. We can help you set it up affordably.

Free Thinker Funeral Services Thumb

Non Religious (Free Thinker) funerals can be simple or elaborate. We can help offer you ideas.

Repatriation Thumbnail

Repatriation Services need not be complicated. We can help with the necessary paperwork.

Casket Services Thumb

Our Casket Services includes choice of casket, collection and embalming of body and interment.

Our Funeral Services Helpline: +65 6817 4288

At Funeral Services Singapore, we are always just a phone call away. Our Customer Services helpline: +65 6817 4288 is available 24 hours a day to serve you better.

Funeral Catering Thumb

Affordable, delicious plus variety of choices. That's our funeral catering services.

Funeral Pre Planning Thumbnail

Funeral Pre-Planning is important and has many advantages. We offer free consultation.

White Rose Funeral Flower Thumbnail

Our funeral flower arrangements are tasteful, simple yet elegant. Our clients love it.

Our Funeral Packages

Our funeral packages starts from $1,388 for same day cremation and $4,588 for a 3-day Catholic funeral. We are reasonably priced for all to afford. Better still, we adopt a transparent pricing policy where you will never be asked to pay more than what's quoted on our website. With us, there is no hidden charges or unfair pricing tricks.

What to Do When Death Occurs?

It is common to feel lost and confused when there is a death in the family. At times, gathering your thoughts alone may take significant effort. Yet, by law, the death has to be registered within 24 hours of occurrence. The good thing is that the process of registering a death in Singapore is relatively straight forward. All it takes is 3 simple steps as outlined below:

  • Get the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

When death occurs, you will need a doctor to certify the cause of death and issue the CCOD. This could be the doctor in attendance at the hospital or your family doctor if death occurred at home.

  • Engage an Undertaker

Upon obtaining the CCOD, you will be able to engage an undertaker. There are many funeral services companies in Singapore. Be sure you engage a reputable one with transparent pricing policy. You don’t want to be shock with a host of hidden charges when presented with the final bill.

  • Register the Death

Death registration can be done at any neighbourhood police post or the Registry of Birth and Death. Their address is:

10 Kallang Road
Level 3
Singapore 208718

(Nearest MRT Station: Lavender)

For deaths in Government or Government Restructured Hospitals, there is an added option of registering the death in the hospital itself.

To register the death, you will need to bring along your identification papers (i.e. IC or Passport) and that of the deceased plus the CCOD. You also have to decide if the body is to be buried or cremated as this decision has to be made at point of registration.

Once the registration is completed, the death certificate will be issued.

Funeral Parlour Rental Services

As some families may not have a proper place to hold the funeral wake, we have included funeral parlour packages to our overall service offerings. The funeral parlours we use range from no frills ones for those on a budget, to lavish ones for those who appreciate a little more comfort.

Funeral in Singapore


Everyone Deserves a Dignified Funeral

Young or old, rich or poor, everyone deserves a dignified funeral. That is why we offer our services on a pro-bono basis, to hospice and nursing homes so that the underprivileged too can have a proper sendoff. More importantly, all our staff are trained to properly tend to our customers, attentively making sure that all their needs are taken care of efficiently, during this difficult time. At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., we make it a point to deliver funeral services others can only talk about.

Fair and Affordable Transparent Pricing

In times like these, we understand that nobody will want to go through a fees dispute and so, unlike unscrupulous freelance funeral directors and planners, our funeral packages and rates are openly published for all to see.

At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., we believe in conducting our business in a fair and transparent way, always.

Peace of mind When You Hire Us

When hiring us, you will have the confidence of knowing that you are dealing with a reputable Singapore Undertaker. With more than 20 years of experience as a Singapore Funeral Director, few can claim to be more knowledgeable than us when it comes to arranging and planning for funerals.

How to Engage Us?

To speak with our Funeral Consultants, simply call +65 6817 4288 (24 hours) or fill up the enquiry form.