Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral rites and rituals in Singapore are often centred around the belief in reincarnation. Indeed much of the Buddhist faith is centred around this belief in karma and its effect on rebirth. To a Buddhist, death therefore marks the beginning of a new round of rebirth, determined by the both the quality and quantity of karma accumulated during a deceased lifetime. For the family, other than providing the deceased loved one with a meaningful and dignified sendoff, the funeral serves to help him move on smoothly to his next life. The funeral will also serve as a good reminder for all present of the transient nature of life.

Setting Just Before Death

As far as possible. a serene atmosphere should be maintained just before and during death for the sake of the dying loved one. Better yet, a monk or member of the Buddhist group the dying person belongs to, should be present to aid and support him through this dying process.

Intermediate State of Afterlife

Many Buddhist believe that there are 3 intermediate states of afterlife (Bardos) before the deceased person is finally reborn in another body. Following this believe about the stages of consciousness after death, Buddhist tradition often calls for the body to remain undisturbed for about 4 hours after death and at least 3.5 days before cremation.

Funeral Ceremony

Because there are many branches of Buddhism, there isn’t one ritual or service common to all. That said, Chinese Buddhist Funeral ceremonies usually last for 49 days with the first 7 days being the most important. To ensure the right rituals are performed, the deceased family member’s Buddhist group should be consulted before funeral arrangements are confirmed.

Cremation or Burial

Traditionally, Buddhist are cremated after death following the example of Buddha. This is not compulsory though as burials are also allowed. A monk should ideally be present during the cremation or interment, to lead the chanting. This service is included in our Buddhist Funeral package.

Why Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd. is a reputable funeral services director experienced in handling and arranging Buddhist Funeral Services. We have more than 20 years of experience operating in Singapore. Because we understand that even the easiest decisions can appear extremely difficult to make for the bereaved family during this difficult time, we have ensured that our Funeral Consultants are more than adequately trained to offer advice on any Buddhist Funeral customs and traditions should the need arise. Above all, our staff are well trained to be both attentive and sensitive to the needs of the family as we understand the grief of losing a loved one. At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., we take pride in our work and it is reflected in the many testimonials we receive from the families we have helped.

Our Buddhist Funeral Package

Priced at $5,888 up, our Buddhist Funeral packages are cheap when compared to many others. They also include all the essentials, from casket, setup, monk chanting to food offering.



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