Funeral Parlour Rental Singapore

Funeral parlours in Singapore are becoming increasing popular, as the place of choice for holding funeral wakes. Some families opt for them because they do not have an alternative place to hold the wake while others choose them for their sheer convenience and comfort.

Funeral parlour setup can be range from simple no frills to lavish. As such rental rates will vary significantly too.

But whatever your budget is, these parlours are setup to provide a nice, serene ambience for the bereaved family to receive guest who have come to pay their last respect to the deceased.

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Our Funeral Parlour Packages

At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., we recognize that not all families are fortunate enough to have a nice place to hold a wake for their loved one. As such, we have included funeral parlour packages to our overall service offerings. Just let us know your needs and we will plan the rest.

Funeral Parlour Buddhist Setup

Catholic Packages

Our Catholic funeral packages (inclusive of funeral parlour rental) starts from just $4,488 for a 2 day funeral.

Our Catholic Funeral Packages

Christian Packages

Our Christian funeral packages (with funeral parlour add-on included) as competitively priced from just $4,488.

Our Christian Funeral Packages

Soka Packages

Have us arrange a Soka funeral service from just $4,488. Price is inclusive of funeral parlour rental.

Our Soka Funeral Packages

Buddhist Packages

At just $5,488 for a 2 Day funeral parlour held Buddhist Funeral inclusive of casketing and monk chanting, its's as affordable as it gets.

Our Buddhist Funeral Packages

Taoist Packages

From just $7,488, we plan and arrange a Taoist funeral service inclusive of monk chanting and funeral parlour rental.

Our Taoist Funeral Packages

Non Religious Packages

Our Non-Religious funeral packages held in a funeral parlour setting starts from just $4,488. From body collection to casketing, our package covers it all.

Our Non-Religious Funeral Packages

Funeral Parlour Facilities

For the comfort of the bereaved family and their guest, all the funeral parlours we use come equipped with the following facilities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Free High speed Wifi connection
  • Private washroom

In addition, the following added luxury facilities can be found in our high end funeral parlour packages:

  • Family room (for resting)
  • Shower facilities (to freshen up)
  • Large Screen LCD TVs
  • Passenger Lift for guest
  • Security and CCTV
  • Staff on Standby 24/7 to assist

Funeral Parlours We Use

We understand that budget may be a concern for some families, especially amidst the covid-19 crisis. As such, we have funeral parlour packages to cater to both markets, ie those currently on a tight budget as well as those who value a little comfort and luxury.


Sin Ming Funeral Parlour - Our Standard Funeral Parlour Package

Address: Block 37 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575711


Singapore Funeral Parlour - Our High End Funeral Parlour Package

Address: 91 Tampines Link, Singapore 528746


Should you prefer to use a different funeral parlour from those listed above, just let us know and we will quote you separately.

Why Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

We are a leading Funeral services provider here in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience in the funeral trade. Our staff are well trained to be extra sensitive to your needs during this time of grief. Through our extensive business connections, we are able to secure the use of the above funeral parlours at very competitive rates. These cheaper rates translates to more savings for you when you engage us as your funeral director.

How to Reach Us?

Our funeral services helpline +65 6817 4288 is manned by experienced Funeral Consultants who are on standby 24/7 to take your calls. We are experienced in handling all types of funerals and will be able to offer you advise as and when needed. So whatever your questions or concerns are, remember that with us, help is always just a phone call away.