Funeral Pre-Planning Services Singapore

Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral Pre-Planning is not common in Singapore. This is not surprising given that to most Singaporeans, discussing about ones’ own death is often uncomfortable. Yet Funeral Pre-Planning has many advantages, some of which are outlined here…

Ensure Decisions are Made with a Clear Mind

Important decisions should always be made with a clear and sound mind. Unfortunately at times of grief, especially with the passing of a loved one, the surviving family members are often not in the right frame of mind to make tough or important decisions. Yet a well coordinate and meaningful funeral will require detailed planning and lots of decision making. Hence, making these decisions now, rather than at that time of death, is always more advisable.

Ease the Burden on the Family

One day, someone will surely have to make these uncomfortable but important funeral decisions. If they are not made by you today when you are alive, one of your loved ones will be forced to make them. And because they will not know your wishes, such decisions can unnecessary stress them further, at a very trying time. For example, will they know if you prefer a burial, cremation or even sea burial? Will they be able to make the right decision? And if they cannot, will it add to their guilt of not being able to give you the right sendoff?

Have Your Special Needs and Requirements Catered For

If you have special instructions on how you want your own funeral conducted, it is best to make your intentions known now rather than later. Passing down such instructions will be difficult when you are on your death bed and impossible in the event of a sudden death.

Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Your family will want to give you the best sendoff they can afford. This can often result in overspending because they will want the funeral to be grand enough. If in doubt, they may err on the side of spending more rather than live with the guilt of not doing enough. This extra spending is unnecessary and can be easily avoided if you Pre-Plan your own Funeral.

Our Funeral Pre-Planning Services

At Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., we believe everyone deserves a dignified sendoff, regardless of race or status. That is why we are offering our Funeral Pre-Planning services for free to all. We do not collect a deposit or advance payment for this service and we offer this consultation purely on a goodwill basis because we care.

Why Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

We are a leading Singapore funeral services company with many years experience as undertakers. Our staff are well trained and familiar with the various funeral customs in Singapore. Most importantly, we are professional, reliable and reasonably priced.

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