Repatriation Services Singapore

Repatriation to Singapore

Repatriation services are required if death occurs outside of the home country. The process of bringing home a body from a foreign country (repatriation of remains) usually involves these steps:

  • Obtaining of the death certificate
  • Registering the death at the respective embassy
  • Engaging a local funeral director to handle the outbound repatriation logistics
  • Engaging a funeral director in the home country to handle the inbound logistics

Documentation Required for Repatriation

While the documentation may differ from country to country, in general, before a casket can leave a country, a permit is required. To apply for this permit, you will usually need the following documents:

  • Death Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Encoffin Certificate

Our Scope of Service

Depending on whether it is an inbound or outbound job, the following is our scope of service…

Repatriation from Singapore

  • Collection of body for embalming and encoffin
  • Raise the necessary paperwork to obtain the coffin export permit
  • Handle all logistics needed to send the body back to the home country
  • Booking of flights as well as accommodation for the bereaved family
  • Providing a holding area while waiting clearance for repatriation

Repatriation to Singapore

  • Handle all necessary paperwork and logistics to ensure the remains is allowed into Singapore i.e. avoid unnecessary delay
  • Actual staging of the funeral including burial or cremation arrangements
  • Accompanying of family member to foreign country to offer advise on collection and repatriation of the remains (optional an don request)

Why Choose Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd.?

Over the years, we have built a large international network of business connections which we are able to leverage on to help speed up the whole repatriation process. In addition, we are familiar with the logistics and documentation needed to efficiently repatriate a body to any country. Best of all, we are reasonably priced and you will be given a clear breakdown of all the charges incurred inline with our transparent pricing policy.

How to Engage Us?

To find out more about our repatriation services and cost, simply dial our 24 hour helpline – +65 6817 4288. Alternatively you can drop us an email using the web form on this page.