Jace’s Testimonial

November 23, 2015

Thank you for being there through this tough time with us. I remembered the day my dad passed away. Every family member was looking at me and asking what we should do next. My phone had too had ran out of battery at this crucial moment and I remembered it was a friend who passed me your contact and I am glad he did.

The first statement I said to you, Casper, was, “My dad had just passed away, my mum doesn’t know what to do, my brother doesn’t know what to do and I do not know what to do too. Can you help me?” And Casper, you were indeed very patient as you guide my family and I through the process and procedures, after just asking a couple of well thought out questions.

I sincerely grateful that you and your company, Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd., practically held my hands and walked me through the whole funeral from start to finish. You were there everyday to ensure that everything was alright.

With a grateful heart, we wholeheartedly recommend Singapore Funeral Group Pte. Ltd. as the top choice should you be in need of a Funeral Director.

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